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The Region List

The region list shows all the regions in the session. The left-hand column gives the region name, and there are a range of times given for information:

Positionposition of the start of the region on the global timeline
Endposition of the region on the global timeline
Lengthduration of the region
Syncposition of the sync point, relative to the start of region (can be negative)
Fade Induration of the fade in. Can't be less than 1 ms, to avoid clipping.
Fade Outduration of the fade out (positive value, ≥ 1 ms).

The secondary clock defines the time unit used in this list. Set the secondary clock to the type of unit desired.

At the right of the list are four columns of flags that can be altered:

L whether the region position is locked, so that it cannot be moved.
G whether the region's position is ‘glued’ to bars and beats. If so, the region will stay at the same position in bars and beats even if the tempo and/or time signature change.
M whether the region is muted, so that it will not be heard.
O whether the region is opaque; opaque regions ‘block’ regions below them from being heard, whereas ‘transparent’ regions have their contents mixed with whatever is underneath.

Hovering the mouse pointer over a column heading shows a tool-tip which can be handy to remember what the columns are for.

A handy feature of the region list is that its regions can be dragged and dropped into a suitable track in the session.