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The View Menu

The View menu sets how the session is seen, and what's visible or not.

[] Maximise Editor SpacePuts the Editor window in full screen mode
[] Maximize Mixer SpacePuts the Mixer window in full screen mode
Primary Clock
Focus On ClockSets the focus on the main clock, allowing to type in numbers directly to change the playhead position
TimecodeSets the main clock in timecode mode, so it displays time in the Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Frames format
Bars & BeatsSets the main clock in musical time mode, so it displays time in the Bars:Beats:Ticks format
Minutes & SecondsSets the main clock in absolute time mode, so it displays time in the Hours:Minutes:Seconds.Milliseconds format
SamplesSets the main clock in samples time mode, so the time is displayed in samples from the absolute start
Secondary Clock
TimecodeSame as for the main clock (see above)
Bars & BeatsSame as for the main clock
Minutes & SecondsSame as for the main clock
SamplesSame as for the main clock
Zoom InZooms in, focusing the Zoom Focus (see below)
Zoom OutZooms out
Zoom to SessionAdjust the zoom value so that all the session (as defined by its start and end markers) fit in the window
Zoom to SelectionAdjust the zoom value so that all the selected regions fit in the window
Fit Selection (Vertical)Fits the selected track(s) in the window. If too many tracks are selected, they'll be reduced to their minimum height.
Toggle Zoom StateReverts to last zoom state (kind of "undo" for zoom, even if edits have been made in-between)
Expand Track HeightIncreases the height of the selected tracks. If no track is selected, then all the tracks are expanded
Shrink Track HeightSame as above, but reduces the height of the tracks
Zoom Focus
Zoom Focus LeftSets the screen's left side as the zoom target, i.e. when zooming in, the left side of the screen will stay at the same place in the timeline
Zoom Focus RightSame, with the right of the screen
Zoom Focus CenterSame, with the center of the screen
Zoom Focus PlayheadSets the playhead as the focus point of the zoom, i.e. the point in time that will stay fixed
Zoom Focus MouseSame as above, with the mouse pointer
Zoom Focus Edit PointSame as above, with the Edit Point
Next Zoom FocusCircles between the previous modes
[] Min:SecShows (when checked) or hides a line in the Ruler with the time formatted as Hours:Minutes:Seconds.Milliseconds
[] TimecodeSame as above, with the time formatted as Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Frames
[] SamplesSame as the above, with the time displayed in samples from the absolute start
[] Bars & BeatsSame as the above, with the time formatted as Bars:Beats:Ticks
[] MeterShows / hides the Meter line in the ruler, where the signature can be adjusted along the playline
[] TempoShows / hides the Tempo line, where the BPM can be changed with markers
[] RangesShows / hides the Range line, where ranges can be defined
[] Loop/PunchShows / hides the Loop/Punch line, where loops and Punches can be defined
[] CD MarkersShows / hides the Range line, where CD Markers can be defined
[] MarkersShows / hides the Markers line, where custom markers can be defined
[] VideoShows / hides the Video timeline, where frames of the video are shown for syncing purposes
Video Monitor
Original SizeWhen the Video Monitor is active, resets its size to the original size, i.e. 1 pixel in the video is 1 pixel on screen
[] LetterboxWhen checked, forces the ratio (width/height) to be the one of the original video. If unchecked, the video will be stretched to fit the window
[] Always on TopStays above all other windows, enabling to work in Ardour without the video windows to be hidden in the background
[] FullscreenSets the Xjadeo window to be fullscreen. Can be useful in a dual monitor setup
[] TimecodeWhen checked, displays a Timecode over the video, in the Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Frames format
[] Frame numberWhen checked, shows the absolute frame number inside the video, i.e. this image is the nth of the video
[] Timecode BackgroundAdds a black background to the timecode for readability
Scroll Tracks DownScrolls the view toward the bottom of the session from one screen (vertically, so along tracks)
Scroll Tracks UpSame as above, towards the top
Scroll ForwardScrolls the view toward the right of the session from one screen (horizontally, so along time)
Scroll BackwardSame as above, to the left
Save View nSaves the position on the timeline in the memory, horizontally and vertically (along time and tracks)
Go to View nLoads and displays a saved position (see above)
[] Show Editor MixerWhen checked, the selected tracks' mixer strip is displayed on the left of the editor window, allowing for a quick access to e.g. effects and routing
[] Show Editor ListIn the Editor window, shows the Editor List, giving access to a number of handy lists (regions, tracks, …)
[] Show SummaryIf checked, in the Editor, shows the Summary, allowing a faster navigation in the session
[] Show Group TabsIf checked, makes the groups visible as tabs on the left in the Editor, and on the top in the mixer
[] Show Marker LinesIf checked, each marker is extended across all the tracks in the editor with a line of the same color
[] Mixer: Show Mixer ListIn the Mixer view, shows the Mixer list, giving access to some handy lists (Favorite plugins, The Strip list,…)
[] Mixer: Show VCAsIn the Mixer view, shows the VCA Strips if there are any
[] Mixer: Show Monitor SectionIf the Use monitoring section on this session has been checked in the Session Properties window, shows or hides the Monitor Section in the Mixer
[] Mixer: Show Foldback StripIn the Mixer view, shows the Foldback Strip if there are any